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Moana Surf Hostel en Urduliz, cerca de Sopelana
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    The House

    The house is established in the small town of Urduliz. Even though we are located in the middle of a vast forest area, our home is just a few minutes away from the coast. It is a traditional nineteenth century building completely surrounded by an enormous garden, contributing to the impressive atmosphere of tranquillity with a huge garden that surrounds it completely and that contributes to the impressive atmosphere of tranquillity that pervades life in it. The once sober and spacious hostel complex has not only absorbed the adventurous spirit emanating from our sports and leisure facilities, but it has also become enriched with decoration and furnishing details.

    Inside: 80 beds, 9 baths, showers and changing area, industrial kitchen, dining room and spacious living room with large screen, heated pool etc. Outside: nothing less than a Miniramp AM, Miniramp PRO and street circuit to practice skating, boulder climbing, archery area, barbecue area, picnic area, chilling area, stage, bikes, bending machines, outdoor cinema etc. …

    Our facilities are prepared for almost anything we can think of that you would enjoy doing and the atmosphere invites you to embark on some adventure…The only thing missing in this picture is you!

    • Rooms

      (Español) La multitud de actividades físicas que los huéspedes tienen a su alcance en Moana Surf Hostel harán del...

    • Bathrooms

      In addition to the full bathrooms located at the shower/changing area, there are 7 full bathroom facilities around the...

    • Living room

      For those rainy days that may be usual in our northern climate or after a very demanding skate or...

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